In Pursuit of Good Food: Improving School Food at Boston Arts Academy

Boston Arts Academy has been working to improve both the quality and nutritional value of the food served in its cafeteria. Boston Arts Academy is a pilot high school located in Boston’s Fenway Neighborhood. The diverse student body is drawn from seventeen Boston neighborhoods. Many of the students are from underserved communities and approximately 65% qualify for free or reduced meals. More than 90% of the school’s graduates attend college.

This project explores the many issues surrounding school food, presents examples of innovative programs and suggests ways in which Boston Arts Academy can work within the framework established by the Boston Public School system and federal school food programs to improve its cafeteria food. Key stakeholders were interviewed to determine the current policies and practices. A survey of Boston Arts Academy students’ food preferences and behaviors is a key element of this project. The survey results show that students have a desire for fresher and more nutritious foods to be served in the cafeteria. The findings of this project should be relevant not only to Boston Arts Academy, but also to any other school working to improve the food served in its cafeteria.

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Kaleigh Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Hession, Alison LeFlore, Stephen Pantalone, and Benjamin Simons
Somerville, MA: Tufts University Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
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May 1, 2010
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Reports and Studies