Private Lands Public Benefits: Incentives for the Stewardship of Texas Agricultural Lands

Texans take great pride in their land. The Lone Star State’s farms and ranches provide food and fiber, wildlife habitat, and sources of drinking water. Moreover, these working lands connect all Texans—whether rural or urban—to their heritage, to that legacy of rugged independence, unlimited opportunities and wide open spaces.

In a state with one of the country’s highest percentages of private lands, Texas farms and ranches also bolster the state’s economy. Agriculture is the second-largest resource-based industry in the state at $100 billion a year, while spending by hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts generates an additional $16 billion annually. These dollars have a compounding benefit for rural communities by supporting local businesses.

This guide is for Texans who want to ensure a future for the state’s farms and ranches: landowners who want to conserve, protect and steward their land and its resources; policymakers concerned about the costs to the state of the loss of rural lands; and all Texans who value the many benefits provided by working farms and ranch.Zoom Lebron XII 12

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Blair Fitzsimons
Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust
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September 15, 2010
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Reports and Studies