Room at the Table: Food System Assessment of Erie County

This report is a plan for strengthening Erie County’s food system. The report was prepared by graduate students in Urban and Regional Planning at the University at Buffalo for the Department of Erie County Department of Environment and Planning. The Department of Environment and Planning is in the process of preparing a new farmland preservation plan - this report is intended to inform their effort.

The plan contains an assessment of Erie County’s food system, the challenges and opportunities it offers to Erie County farmers, residents, and businesses, and recommends action for strengthening the county’s food system.

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Brian Conley, Jonathan Falk,Taylor Hawes,Yoon Hee Jung, Gun Hyoung Kim,Tony Maggiotto Jr, Naoka Takahashi ,Tamara Wright
Buffalo, NY: University of Buffalo Department of Urban and Regional Planning
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October 1, 2011
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Reports and Studies