Downzoning and Rural Land Markets: A Review of Two Recent Studies in Maryland and New Jersey

Downzoning restricts the development of agricultural land by increasing the number of acres required for each housing unit. Downzoning has the potential to protect working landscapes from encroaching development, but there are concerns that this approach could cause serious harm to rural landowners through the reduction in property values. Two recent studies examined the effect of downzoning on agricultural land values in the mid- tlantic region, reached differing conclusions, and have created confusion and uncertainty about the effects of downzoning. This project brought together a panel of experts who have extensive experience in property value studies, statistics, and environmental and resource economics to review the methods and conclusions of the two reports. The panel found serious errors in the research methodology of both reports, and believes there is little basis for the conclusions reached in the studies.

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Dr. Jeffrey Michael, Dr. Raymond Palmquist and Dr. George Parsons
Queenstown, MD: Maryland Center for Agro-Ecology
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July 1, 2006
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Reports and Studies