Selling Directly to Restaurants and Retailers

In November, 2002, more than 50 growers, agricultural professionals, and others gathered in the beachside town of Ventura as part of the California Farm Conference, to discuss how to market directly to restaurants and retailers. During a halfday short course led by Kris Pustina, a successful and innovative restaurateur in Ventura, and Mark Mulcahy, well-known marketing consultant, participants discussed the key elements for creating a successful, entrepreneurial relationship with local restaurants and retailers. The group also compiled a list of people, organizations and resources for future information and assistance. This leaflet summarizes the results of the group discussion in a question/answer format. Key contacts are listed at the end.

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Gail Feenstra, Jeri Ohmart, David Chaney
Davis, CA: University of California
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January 1, 2003
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Outreach Materials