Municipal Reference for Agricultural Land Use Planning

The Municipal Reference for Agricultural Land Use Planning is a tool for local leaders when confronted with agricultural issues. The document addresses agricultural practices which include:
• Scope of agriculture and agricultural activities
• New York State Agriculture and Markets Law (AML) Article 25AA – Agricultural
Districts Law
• Land use planning including zoning, purchase or transfer of development rights
• Environmental regulations
• Herbicide and pesticide applications
• Issues of farm animals used as companion animals including housing, fencing and
• Farm markets, agri-tourism, agri-tainment, agri-education
• Seasonal Labor

Within the Appendix are references to proposed format for the agricultural component of a comprehensive plan, New York State Department of Agriculture and Market publications and a conservation approach to local codes.

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Roberta Harrison
Syracuse, NY: Cornell Cooperative Extension
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September 1, 2002
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Reports and Studies