Southampton, NY: Local PACE Enabling Ordinances

The town of Southampton developed "agricultural overlay districts" to encourage the business of farming and protect productive farmland.  Parcels of at least 10 acres located within the overlay district are eligible for the program subject to a 10-year term agricultural easement during which the permitted development density remains fixed.  The town also assists landowners of enrolled parcels in obtaining local, state and federal funds for agricultural or economic development.  During the 10 year term, no development is permitted other than uses related to agricultural production.  Prior to the termination date the town of Southampton has the option to purchase the development rights or fee title to the property.  If the landowner and the town cannot agree on terms at the end of the easement term, the landowner may develop the property according to applicable zoning standards.  

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Southampton, N.Y., Town Code ch. 140, art. 1, §§ 1-3 (2011).
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Local Laws and Resolutions