New York Agricultural Landowner Guide to Tax, Conservation and Management Programs

Farmers have shaped the landscape of New York state. They have cleared the countryside, tilled crop fields and maintained woodlands and wetlands for centuries. Even today, more than seven million acres in New York are used for farming. Nationwide, our state's farmers are leading producers of many products, from milk and apples to sweet corn and maple syrup. Farming is crucial to New York ’s economy and way of life,yet farms are endangered throughout the state.Unchecked development has sprawled out from urban areas into the countryside.Economic factors have made it difficult for many farmers to turn a profit.Disastrous weather events have destroyed entire seasons of crops.And,increasing numbers of New York residents have little connection to our rural heritage,making it harder for them to understand the needs of their farm neighbors. Although new policies and initiatives will always be needed to address such issues, a number of programs currently exist to help New York farmers.This publication
identifies those programs,available statewide,that help agricultural landowners cut their tax expenses,conserve their land and improve their environmental stewardship.

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American Farmland Trust
Saratoga Springs, NY: American Farmland Trust
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January 1, 2001
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Outreach Materials