Florida FarmFinder

Florida FarmFinder works to continue Florida’s rich farming heritage by keeping productive farmland in production. The majority of farmers in the state of Florida are over 55 years old, and almost half of Florida’s agricultural lands will change hands in the next twenty years. Many older farming families are faced with the reality that there is not a younger generation to continue farming their land. Similarly, many beginning farmers enter the field but are unable to secure affordable access to land. The Florida FarmFinder was created to address both problems by connecting farmers and farmland owners with beginning farmers.

The Florida FarmFinder’s searchable database provides listings of available farmland and farming opportunities, and profiles of farmers in search of mentoring and agricultural employment opportunities. Users may search for listings fitting certain criteria—such as region of the state or land use, or may access the entire set of listings. Registered users may create their own listings, and can contact others with listings.

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