Making Value Chains Work: Best Practices for Success – Workshop Proceedings

Objectives of the Best Practices Workshop included:
- Making intrinsic knowledge of VCP stakeholders apparent and accessible to others,
- Facilitating problem-solving and profitable successes within VCP-affiliated businesses,
- Promoting sustainability and upward scaling of values-based agricultural supply chains, and
- Showing the effectiveness of the value chain and CoP approaches to problem-solving.

Individual workshops encouraged discussion focused on real-life business scenarios that exemplified actual obstacles and solutions encountered within CoPs. The topics for the breakout sessions were identified by the members of the various VCP working groups as particularly important to their businesses and organizations. Overall, participants found the discussion among working group participants to be quite valuable. This proceedings document will attempt to capture and synthesize what transpired in these workshops in order to communicate accrued knowledge to the VCP community at large.

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Beth Larabee, Andy Larson, Mary Adams, and Rich Pirog
Ames, IA: Value Chain Partnerships
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April 3, 2008
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Reports and Studies