Kinderhook, NY: Excerpts from Zoning Code (includes prime farm overlay district)

Kinderhook permits farm markets in almost all of its zoning districts as a means of supporting farm operations and tourism.  This law defines farm markets and applies standards for their operation.  In addition, the town permits seasonal farm stands in four of its seven zoning districts with fewer site requirements.

This zoning code excerpt also includes sections relating to Kinderhook's "prime farmland overlay district."  Within this district non-farm buildings must be sited in a way that has the least negative impact on soils and farm operations.  Buffers of at least 200 feet are required between new residences and agricultural parcels.   Additionally, major subdivisions are required to have 30 foot vegetative buffers sited 20 feet from the boundary of any agricultural parcel and 50 percent of total parcel space must permanently conserve natural resources or agriculture.

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Kinderhook, N.Y., Zoning Code art. I, § 81 (2000).
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