Finding the Balance: Ranching and Rapid Growth in Bandera County, Texas

Traditionally Texans have viewed new growth as new wealth for struggling counties. And Bandera County is growing. Its location in the scenic Hill Country west of San Antonio, ranked the tenth largest city in the nation, makes Bandera County an ideal refuge for commuters and tourists alike. But new growth hasn’t brought new wealth to Bandera County’s coffers. Although residential land contributes the largest amount of revenue to the county, its net fiscal impact is actually negative. Residential lands demand even more in service costs, including schools, road maintenance, water and wastewater, courts and public safety, than they provide in revenue. Conversely, ranch and open land in Bandera County generate almost four times more dollars for the county than what the county spends on them. If residential development is not balanced by business growth and conservation of rural and open lands, either property taxes must rise or services must decline.

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American Farmland Trust
San Marcos, TX: American Farmland Trust
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January 1, 2003
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Reports and Studies