Farm Service Agency Loans: The Ins and Outs of Growing a Farm with Federal Loans

This is an illustrated guidebook for farmers looking to secure credit from USDA. The book helps farmers navigate the ins and outs of the loan process with a light
touch and includes:

  • the story of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency;
  • a family tree of all the people who make loans at USDA through the Farm Service
  • a description of all the ways farmers can get involved through USDA committees to influence and improve the loan process;
  • case studies from farmers who received FSA loans;
  • and charts with up-to-date interest rates and loan terms.
Cara Fraver
Michelle Hughes
Lindsey Lusher Shute
Hudson, NY: National Young Farmers Coalition
Page Numbers: 
Publication Date: 
January 16, 2018
Literature Category: 
Reports and Studies