Community Gardening in Philadelphia:2008 Harvest Report

This report summarizes research on the state of community and squatter gardens in Philadelphia, with a focus on the production and distribution of food. The specific aims of this project were to measure the amount of food grown in community gardens and to trace its distribution. The broader goal of this ongoing research is to understand the roles and impacts of community gardens in building food security for households and communities. It involved three sorts of research, all conducted in the summer of 2008:
1) On-the-ground survey of community and squatter gardens throughout the city of Philadelphia.
2) Weighing of harvest at six gardens in different sections of the city.
3) Interviews with gardeners and garden coordinators on the distribution of harvest, as well as interviews with garden support program staff.

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Domenic Vitiello and Michael Nairn
Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania
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October 1, 2009
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Reports and Studies