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Kamehameha Schools Strategic Agricultural Plan

The KS Strategic Agricultural Plan was developed to provide a vision and goal-based strategy for optimal management and use of the Schools’ 181, 373 acres of agriculture lands on the islands of Hawai`i, Maui, Moloka`i, O`ahu and Kaua`i. This strategy firmly positions Kamehameha Schools as an agricultural leader in Hawai`i. It represents a bold “stake in the ground” in the Land Assets Division’s migration from passive land management to active agricultural engagement and stewardship.

Hawaii Important Agricultural Lands Statutes

These statutes reflect the substantial interest the people of Hawaii have in the health and sustainability of agriculture as an industry.  This law reflects the compelling interest in conserving the Hawaii's agricultural land resource base and assuring the long-term availability of agricultural lands to achieve the purposes of:
     (1)  Conserving and protecting agricultural lands;
     (2)  Promoting diversified agriculture;
     (3)  Increasing agricultural self-sufficiency; and
     (4)  Assuring the availability of agriculturally suitable lands

Hawaii New Farmer Loan Program

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture offers direct  loans to full-time farmers.  New Farmer Loans are for applicants who intend to farm full-time. A full-time farmer is a person who devotes most of their time to farming or derives most of their income from farming operations. A down payment or equity contribution equal to 15% of the total project cost is required from the applicant.  Loans of up to a 40 year term may be extended for farm ownership and improvement applicants.  Ten year loan periods are available for financing operating expenses.

Hawaii Forbids Limiting Agricultural Activities on Agricultural Land

July 6, 2004, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle signed SB 2246, prohibiting private deed restrictions or easements from restricting agricultural uses on state-classified agricultural land. Hawaiian agricultural land is unique in the U.S. in that it is classified and planned for agriculture by the state planning agency. The law was written in response to restrictions in some subdivision and homeowners association covenants that prevent productive use of state-classified agricultural land.

Hawaii Bills Failed, Would Have Authorized PACE, Helped Identify and Manage Important Agricultural Lands

Two bills that would have helped protect agricultural land in Hawaii failed this spring. SB 3051 would have created a state agricultural land protection program to purchase agricultural conservation easements. SB 3052 would have provided additional guidance in identifying and managing the state's "Important Agricultural Lands" and provided additional review of rezoning on these lands. Both bills passed the Senate and House but died in conference committee.

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