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Preserving Ohio's Farmland: A Report of Recommendations to the Ohio House Subcommittee on Growth and Land Use

Ohio has experienced a loss of over seven million acres of farmland since 1950, an area roughly equivalent to 23 Ohio counties. Agriculture is vital to the state and local economies, employing one in seven Ohioans and stabilizing the cost of local community services. Land in agriculture can have tremendous environmental benefits, including supporting wildlife habitat and groundwater recharge. And as the rural landscape becomes fragmented, so does much of our state’s cultural heritage.

Voluntary Incentives for Farmland Preservation in Central Ohio: What Do Farmers Think?

Most farmland preservation tools in this country are voluntary. This means that the success of farmland preservation programs is in part dependent on the receptivity of farmers to the methods for protecting their land. Given the diversity of farmers throughout the country, these attitudes are likely to vary from place to place. In order to design successful programs and fine−tune their implementation, it is important to understand farmers' perceptions of preservation tools.


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