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Strategic Ranchlands at Risk in the Rocky Mountain West: Mapping the Threats to Prime Ranchland in Seven Western States

American Farmland Trust, Center of the American West, and The Nature Conservancy conducted a study to model and map prime ranchlands of the rocky mountain west (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) and to assess the development threats to those lands over the next twenty years. This slide presentation was developed in conjuction with the report, Strategic Ranchland in the Rocky Mountain West.

Planning Santa Fe's Food Future

This publication is a call to action to address gaps and strengthen assets in Santa Fe's food system through policy recommendations. This tool is central to the outreach which will be conducted over the next year as the Santa Fe Food Policy Council further refines and prioritizes the goal areas with help from communities all over Santa Fe City and County.

LandLink New Mexico

An initiative of the Mid-Region Council of Governments of New Mexico, LandLink New Mexico provides resources and support to get the next generation of farmers and ranchers onto the land with the support they need to succeed. The program links existing farm and ranch operators and landowners with new and aspiring farmers through listings of land, land seekers, mentorships, internships and jobs. LandLink also facilitates farm and ranch transition through tenure arrangements, sales and/or lease agreements and connections to conservation easement and agriculture trust opportunities.

Farmers' Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities

The purpose of this study is to examine the structure and operation of farmers’ markets in the United States, giving special attention to the legal and regulatory issues that may shape their operation. By looking at the rules and regulations markets use and by considering issues markets experience, it is possible to identify the most important challenges vendors and managers of markets may face. It is also possible to make some common sense suggestions on how markets can best address and resolve issues while maintaining their friendly and relatively informal nature.

New Mexico Donated Easement Transferable Tax Credit Statute

Increases the personal and corporate income tax credit for the donation of land for open space, natural resource or biodiversity conservation, agricultural preservation or watershed or historic preservation from $100,000 to $250,000. Provides for sale, exchange transfer of the income tax credit and the corporate income tax credit that may be claimed for certain conveyances of real property.

Rocky Mountain Agricultural Landowners Guide to Conservation and Sustainability

The Rocky Mountain Agricultural Landowners Guide is the product of a unique partnership between American Farmland Trust and Coleman Natural Foods through the Coleman Eco-Project 2015, a 10-year relationship that addresses the critical need to protect U.S. working farms and ranches. In this guide, you will find information outlining tools and federal and state programs to help farmers and ranchers conserve their land and maintain its long-term health for future generations.

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