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Ordinance amending Wichita, Kansas' zoning code to allow farmers' markets as a permitted use.
Establishes the Healthy Schools Fund encouraging local food sourcing in schools. Provides definitions of "Local foods" and outlines program requirements.
Introduced in 2005, the California Fresh Start Program provides an additional 10 cents per meal for fruits and vegetables. The law also encourages schools to buy California products when commercially...
Establishes the Utah Quality Growth Commission, as well as powers and duties for the Commission.
This bill establishes and describes requirements for the taking of prime farmland by eminent domain.
The Tennessee Farm Land Protection Act. This bill establishes and describes requirements for the taking of prime farmland by eminent domain.
Environmental protection is a global issue that largely depends on effective and timely action at the local level. In The Environmental Planning Handbook, Tom and Katherine Daniels clarify complex...
Establishes Colorado's Office of Smart Growth. Establishes powers and duties of the Office of Smart Growth.
Establishes Urban Growth Boundaries for Oregon, which must be based on an adopted 20-year population forecast for each urban area and must provide for needed housing, employment and other urban uses...
This brief reviews two options that come under the category of direct government involvement. Within this category, the type of involvement can vary from legislation mandating certain performance to...
Through five models of distribution, The Center for Food and Justice (CFJ) bridges the urban and rural divide to create stronger programs that equally serve all communities. This document provides a...
Amends the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act to award grants to eligible entities for farm to school programs.
Beyond Takings and Givings updates and expands the 1997 publication Saved By Development. Beyond Takings and Givings offers a progress report on most of the 112 TDR programs profiled in the 1997...
Alabama's right to farm law provides exceptions landowners may utilize to defend against nuisance actions. 
North Kingstown Rhode Island Farmers' Market Ordinance.
This bill proposes to enact the proposals of the use value appraisal task force, including reducing current use valuation expenditures.
Places all locally grown food under state regulatory authority.