Improve Access to Land

Federal Programs

Transition Incentives Program

The 2008 Farm Bill authorized the Transition Incentives Program (TIP), a program that encourages landowners with expiring Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts to sell or lease their land to beginning or socially disadvantaged farmers. The 2014 Farm Bill provides an additional $33 million to continue the program and extends program eligibility to veterans. Current CRP enrollees are offered up to two additional annual rental payments. In exchange, the new landowners or tenants return the land to production using sustainable grazing or farming methods.  

USDA Inventory of Property for Sale

USDA's Farm Service Agency advertises its inventory property for sale to socially disadvantaged applicants as well as beginning farmers before it is available to the general public.  

State Programs

Farm Link Programs

Farm Link programs connect farmers seeking land with agricultural landowners who want to see their land stay in agricultural production.  Several state programs offer programs that address land access for beginners.  

Tax Credit Programs

State tax credit programs in Iowa and Nebraska offer agricultural asset owners a state income tax credit if they lease land, equipment, livestock and/or buildings to beginners.To help beginners acquire infrastructure, Nebraska also exempts personal property up to $100,000 from state taxes if it is used in production agriculture by a beginning farmer or rancher.

Delaware Young Farmers Farmland Purchase and Preservation Loan Program

This program helps young farmers acquire farmland while advancing the state's farmland protection goals. The program makes zero-interest loans available to beginning farmers to purchase land. In exchange, the state's Agricultural Lands Preservation Foundation receives an agricultural conservation easement on the land to be acquired.  

Programs that Lease or License State-owned Land 

Leasing farmland offers a convenient opportunity for new and beginning farmers to access land for their operations. State-owned farmland leasing and licensing programs make publicly-owned agricultural land available to farmers and ensure access to and investment in these public lands. 

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