Bethany Land Trust, Inc.

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Entity Information

PO Box 3706 Amity Station, Woodbridge, CT 06525
Phone Number 
(203) 393-1635
Type of Entity 
Land trust
Year Created 
State(s) of Operation 
Primary Resource Type Protected 
Important natural areas/wildlife habitat
Types of Resources Protected 
Farm/ranch land
Important natural areas/wildlife habitat
Open space
Recreation land
Water resources including wetlands
Working forest land
Board/Staff Connection to Agriculture 
Agricultural service provider

Additional Activities and Programs

Other Activities/Programs Offered That Support Farmers and/or Ranchers 
Encourage local planning for agriculture
Lease land to farmers or ranchers
Activities Planned for the Next 5 Years 
Lease land to farmers and/or ranchers
Accept donated easements on farms and/or ranches

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