The National Assessment of Agricultural Easement Programs

The first report from the National Assessment of Agricultural Easement Programs reviews the progress and experiences of 46 leading agricultural conservation easement programs in 15 states. Collectively these local and state programs account for a majority of the 1.8 million agricultural acres put under easement nationwide since this technique was first seriously applied to farmland protection a quarter of a century ago. The National Assessment is a joint project of American Farmland Trust and the Agricultural Issues Center of the University of California, Davis. 

Report 2: Easement Acquisition Strategies. An analysis of the strategies programs use to select easement parcels, focused on how specific quantitative and qualitative criteria are applied in relation to program purposes and impacts.

Report 3: Easements and Land Use Planning. How easement programs and local planning policies and practices work or don’t work to complement each other, with attention to zoning, comprehensive plans, growth boundaries, designated preservation areas and other land use tools. 

Report 4: Agricultural Easement Programs: Impacts and Effectiveness. The summary and final report of the project, this report will examine the effectiveness of the sample programs in both perceptual and objective terms.Air Jordans

Alvin Sokolow, Anita Zurbrugg
DeKalb, IL: American Farmland Trust
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Publication Date: 
September 1, 2003
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Reports and Studies