Finding Farmland: A Farmer's Guide to Working with Land Trusts

Finding and securing land to farm is one of the biggest challenges that beginning farmers and ranchers face in starting a career in agriculture. Farmland prices are at a record high across the country and land has become increasingly unaffordable for farmers. The land surrounding our nation’s cities, where market opportunities are greatest for beginning farmers, is often the most difficult to access. Thankfully, there are organizations around the country that can help you.

Land trusts have been protecting farmland from development for decades. A few visionary groups have also been working to ensure that this land stays in the hands of farmers. There are many more that have the capacity to be powerful partners. This guide was written to arm you with the information you need to find a land trust and convince them, if they need convincing, to help you access farmland.

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Holly Rippon-Butler
Sophie Ackoff
Eric Hansen
Lindsey Lusher Shute
National Young Farmers Coalition
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January 1, 2015
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