Farm Legacy Workbook

The long-term health of a family farm has always depended on the wise stewardship of its resources. Succession planning is part of stewardship and preparation-and that's why the Farm Journal Legacy Project is devoted to helping farmers determine what will happen to their farm in the generations to come.

This practical workbook is designed to be both a catalyst for you to engage in the succession planning process and to help you start navigating the process. This workbook is specifically designed for individuals and families interested in:

  • Maintaining or improving your current lifestyle.
  • Preparing your family and your farm for whatever might come.
  • Providing reassurance that an unforeseen catastrophe (death, disability, dissolution or divorce) will not destroy the operation.
  • Preparing the next generation for a leadership role in the operation.
  • Creating a lasting legacy that will endow the family for generations.
Kevin Spafford
Mexico, MO: Farm Journal Media
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January 1, 2010
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Reports and Studies